Elimko System Contracting Department manufactures 9.500 m2 factory floor in Gölbaşı, Ankara and provides projecting services in 1500 m2 head office in Ankara. Elimko-System is a leading Turkish company that sets up complex turn-key facilities that offer special solutions for special applications and automatic control systems that are tailored to customer needs with close to half-century experiences. Besides engineering and manufacturing quality, Elimko-System is the first choice in many industrial sectors with its striking aftersales technical service, from Brazil to India, Bulgaria, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Russia, from Turkey to Qatar even to Mexico.


Sectors that are served by Elimko-System:


And in other industrial facilities.

• Heat Treatment Furnaces Control Systems
• Raw-material Blending Facilities
• Tunnel Furnace Control Systems
• Textile Painting Facilities
• Steam Plants, Boiler Control Systems
• DC Motor+ System Requiring Synchronization
• Production Supervision Systems
• Alarm, Fault Warning Systems
• Waste Water Treatment Facilities Control Systems
• Distributed Control Systems
• Sequential Control Systems
• Concrete Plants Systems
• Autoclave Control Systems
• Systems with Dosing Band- Band Scales
• Pneumatic Transfer Systems
• Asphalt Facilities
• Data Collection Systems
• Sampling Systems


Design – Project Designing
• Mechanical Parts included
• Mounting- Commissioning
• Turnkey


Using the latest innovations in today's technology, our company, which set up computer controlled systems, uses professional design PLCs well known in the market together with its own designed microcontroller equipped devices. With its expert staff and high reliability software and hardware devices which have been developed without any know-how, license, patent agreement, the advantages of advanced technology and computer world in automatic control are offered to the service of the countries and countries of the world. With modern computer controlled or PLC systems which have gained great importance in recent years, our modern organizations can increase their production, provide better quality production, work efficiently and economically. It competes with other world brands. In our world where energy is becoming increasingly expensive, labor and raw material costs are accelerating, and especially in a country where the external market has to open, industrialists can only solve their problems with computer-controlled systems. In such systems where flexible, developing technology can be adapted at any time, Elimko has taken important steps.

Our firm, which has world-wide share in the complex turn-key facility undertakings including mechanical parts, cooperates with foreign contractor companies.

Offering a wide variety of examples for Stand Alone and Distributed Control systems, Elimko has reached a certain level with domestic production of this field. Devices equipped with micro-controllers in the modular structure can be extended in line with the requirement of the system, flexibility can be provided with additional cards. CPU (Central Processing Unit) cards, Input / Output cards, Analog / Digital converter boards manufactured in standard norms are placed on shelves in the modular structure device.

These highly reliable microcontroller-equipped devices can be connected to a PC in a system configuration. Information about the entire system, parameters, alarm conditions, statistical information can be stored on the computer. The flow of the process can be monitored along with the details. The necessary parameter changes can be made via the display. Again all information can be obtained in writing or graphically from the printer.

Thanks to wide range of communication options, Wi-Fi, ethernet, MODBUS field bus, profibus can provide the necessary solutions.

Elimko-Sistem is able to use the PLC series productions of various well known companies in the world with the same professionalism, provide successful after sales technical support and provide reliable service to its customers in this regard.