TESID 2002 Great SME Award is Given to ELIMKO


“Awards for Innovativeness and Creativity in Electronics” was arranged by Turkish Electronics Industrialists Society (TESID) for the third time this year. 2002 SME GREAT AWARD was given to Elimko Automation firm attending with its universal improved process control device in award contest arranged by TESID in Kadir Has University for encouraging innovativeness and creativity for research and improvement in electronics sector and for encouraging designing product competitive in international arena. 14 firms applied to TESID awards arranged by the sponsorship of Turkey Technology Improvement Foundation and the 2002 SME GREAT AWARD was given to Malik Aviral, the Member of Elimko Administrative Boards in the name of Elimko; he said “Actually, this award is not only Elimko’s. It also belongs to all technical personnel working in all industrial organizations couraging and supporting Elimko. As long as they support us, we shall gain more awards together with them and we evaluate Elimko’s awards as Turkey’s awards”. Aviral highlighted that they (as Elimko) gained this award by means of their superior effort they made so far and their strategies they improved against recent economical crisis and he stated that “We congratulate and thank to TESID as well as organizations such as TUBITAK, TTGB, TUSIAD, KAL-DER who encouraging new inventions, new products and technological improvements in this way and providing excitement and motivation increase by organizing such contests and helping staff to have targets; we desire the continuation of their such precious efforts.”