E-210 Series Profile Controller

E-210 Series universal profile controllers are designed using new generation micro-controllers. Dimensions are 96x96 mm conforming to IEC668 standard. Controllers have two 4-digit, seven segment, led displays each capable of displaying numeric values from –1999 to 9999 and 4-character alphanumeric messages. Configurable universal inputs (T/C, R/T, mV, mA) are measured with 16-bit resolution. Calibration drifts are ultra low with environmental conditions. Profile controller can store up to 10 programs with 10 segments per program. Programs can be linked if more than 10 segments are necessary.

Each segment is configurable for ramp and soak and is defined by the segment setpoint and segment time. The guaranteed ramp/soak function can be assigned to a segment if required. Program cycling can be implemented through programmable repeat cycles to repeat the entire program. Power recovery function determines the profile restart position. E-210 Series universal profile controllers have advanced programming facilities providing different profile control forms and functions suitable for industries such as chemical, metallurgy, food, tyre, ceramics and others.