E-220 Series Universal Advanced Digital Controllers

E-220 Series Universal Advanced Digital Controllers


E-220 Series universal process control devices are designed for on/off and PID control using an advanced new generation micro-controller.

These 96x96 mm industrial devices have a TFT display, conform to the IEC/TR 60668 standard, and the universal inputs and outputs are easily programmable by the user. A special software is used for manual and automatic adjustment of PID parameters which include the latest technological developments. This allows much more precise adjustments.

They are used in all fields of industry including measurement and control of temperature, pressure, level, speed, current, voltage, resistance and other physical units in iron and steel, cement, chemistry, food, plastics, petrochemistry, refinery, ceramics, glass and other industries.

• 320x240 TFT Color Display
• High-Precision Reading
• Ease of Use
• Calibration Unaffected by Time and External Factors
• Broken Sensor Detection