TW/WI Weld-in Type Thermowell

TW/WI Weld-in Type Thermowell


Thermowells are protecting tubes which are manufactured by solid bar stock or pipe material to protect thermocouples,resistance thermometers and other temperature sensors. Especially, they are used widely in critical applications where pressure, viscous, fluid velocity, chemical and mechanical corrosive abrasive materials are present individually or in combination.

A properly selected thermowell will protect the temperature sensor from possible damage resulting from these process variables. A thermowell permits removal of the temperature sensors for replacement, repair or testing without effecting the process or system.

Elimko thermowell types in process aplications;

TW/T : Threaded Type
TW/W : Weld-in Socketed Type
TW/V : Vanstone Flanged Type
TW/F : Flanged Type
TW/WI : Weld-in Type