Fill-Discharge Scale

Fill-Discharge Scale


Elimko produces Fill-Discharge weighing unit for solid and fluid flow and amount measurement systems that require high accuracy. Fill-Discharge scale measures the weight of the flowing material batch by batch. It takes the material inside the weighing unit until its set value and it stops filling, then measures its weight and discharge the material. It continues like this.
Accuracy of the weighing system can reach to 0.03%. E-TK-100 Fill discharge scale has high accuracy and it has many advantages. Measurement of total amount, measurement of flow rate and it can be connected to PC to get statistical reports easly. These information can be observed from anywhrere through internet.

General Properties:

  • Modular construction
  • Easy installation
  • High accuracy
  • Low maintenance
  • Standard RS485 modbus communication
  • Optional Profibus and Ethernet communication


  • Ship & Silo Loading and discharge
  • Mill inlet and outlets measurement and efficiency measurements
  • Grain Process plants inlet and outlets measurement and efficiency measurements